Take a look at our latest creation give us a call for a quote on these 100% sealed fiberglass boxes for 2 12" subs



Gately Audio has spent years mastering the art of molding, shaping, bending, cutting, and bonding Plexiglas. Taking a piece of raw material and turning it into a beautiful yet functional work of audio art is no easy task. Gately products add an astounding aesthetic effect to any audio system. Each Ga\tely Audio creation, whether it be amp racks, see through covers, or custom made subwoofer enclosures, are hand made and individually inspected. Enclosures feature either 1/2" or 3/4" Plexiglas, or a combination of the two. They also feature built in terminal cups or five way biding posts, pre wired speaker connectors according to the customers specifications, optional mirrored panels, predrilled mounting holes, and a One Year Limited Warranty. Enclosures types include: Single, Dual, Triple, Quadruple; Round mounting holes or Square for Kicker L7s; Single or Multi-Chamber; Sealed, Ported, and Bandpass Designs; and many many others. The range of available designs span from single .5 cubic foot 8" enclosures to massive 6 cubic foot multisubwoofer enclosures. Gately Audio enclosures are chemically bonded (excluding removable bandpass panels), not glued, providing strength while at the same time also providing a perfect air tight seal. This bonding of materials is what gives Gately enclosures their long life and durability. Gately Audio shines when it comes to producing custom work to fit a customers specific needs. We will build to suit you.

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